Wanda Terms of Service

When purchasing a Wanda:

When purchasing a Wanda furniture piece you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.
That you have correctly ordered and purchased a Wanda furniture piece that is the:
   - Correct Size (i.e Narrow or Wide)   
   - Correct Colour Combination (i.e Backing colour and shelving colour)

Installation options:

DIY Installation: The Wanda Shelving System has been designed to be installed by you, our clients. You will need a drill (and bits), a hammer, pencil and spirit level. It is a two person activity, and you must be able to lift 20kg. A complimentary installation kit is provided with every order. The kit includes the fixings required to safely hang the Wanda to most residential wall types; including timber stud frame with plaster, masonry brick, and lathe plaster. If you have a different wall type; please make contact via order@cantileverinteriors.com

Cantilever Installation: We are able to arrange delivery and installation by one of our team members if you would prefer. Please contact order@cantileverinteriors.com for a job specific quote. Installation fees can be paid via EFTPOS or BSB transfer.

Order and Payments:

Online: You can complete your order online through the website, paying via credit card. You will receive a notification of your successful transaction and correspondence from a team member confirming when the order will be ready. If you are using the Cantilever installation option, please choose “Pick up” in the shipping options, as your Wanda will be delivered by our installer.

Showroom: Visit our showroom to view the Wanda shelving System in person, place your order and pay via EFTPOS.

By Phone or Email: Give us a call on (03) 9387 5421 or email order@cantileverinteriors.com to place a Wanda order. We accept Credit Card payment over the phone, or can arrange an invoice to be sent for BSB payments.

Shipping Information: 

Pickup: You can pick up your Wanda order from our showroom in Brunswick, Victoria.
If ordering online, choose the “Pickup” option when processing your transaction. If you are using the Cantilever installation service and reside in the Melbourne metro area, please choose this option when processing your transaction, then contact us for an installation quote.

Unfortunately Cantilever has temporally disabled Interstate shipping, if you are interested in purchasing a Wanda outside of Melbourne, please contact us at  order@cantileverinteriors.com and we will advise you when interstate shipping will be resumed. Sorry of any inconvenience.

Metropolitan Delivery: Delivery to metropolitan areas of any capital city in Australia is available with two options. Please choose your preferred method when placing your order. The metro area is defined by a radius around the major city. Please view table below to see if you’re inside the metro area.

Capital City:          Radius for metro:     Postcodes accepted in radius:
Adelaide Metro      (25km Radius)          5000 – 5098: 5134 – 5159: 52311– 5245: 5950
Brisbane Metro      (25km Radius)          4000 – 4179: 4101 – 4179: 4300 – 4306: 4500 - 4520
Canberra Metro      (10km Radius)          2600 – 2617: 2911 - 2913
Hobart Metro         (15km Radius)          7000 – 7055: 7150 - 7170
Melbourne Metro   (25km Radius)          3000 – 3097: 3101 – 3195: 3204 – 3207: 3750 - 3752
Perth Metro            (25km Radius)          6000 – 6090: 6100 - 6166
Sydney Metro         (25km Radius)          2000 – 2234

Delivery Types: 

Standard Delivery (1-2 Day delivery window): This is a standard delivery, ideal for a business address where somebody is present during normal working hours. If delivering to a residential address then the courier will have an authority to leave your order by the door.

Overnight Delivery: This is a premium delivery, ideal for a residential address where somebody can arrange to be present when the order arrives. A Cantilever team member will liaise with you to find a day that suits and organise the courier to arrive on this day.

Regional Delivery: Unfortunately we cannot provide a fixed price to regional areas of Australia.  Regional deliveries will need to be quoted separately on a case by case basis. If you live outside the metropolitan areas in your state, please choose the “Regional Delivery” option when processing your transaction.

Lead times:

You can expect we will dispatch your goods within 10 business days of placing your order. Lead times may vary for orders greater than 5 Wanda units.

Delivery times are subject to location and service; this will be confirmed by email correspondence.
If you require more information, or would like to ask a question, please contact us at order@cantileverinteriors.com

Upon Delivery:

Ensure that, upon delivery of your Wanda furniture piece:
   - You have inspected the product for any damage prior to installation.
   - You have contacted Cantilever Interiors prior to installation if the product does not adhere to the specifications outlined in the Quality       Assurance & Warranty Document provided.
   - The Wanda furniture piece has been installed according to the Installation guide provided.
   - The Wanda furniture piece is cared for and maintained in accordance with the Care Guide provided.

Cantilever Interiors will inspect the final product prior to delivery for quality assurance.

All warranties are active from the date of dispatch.

If you do not receive or need a copy of the above mentioned documents, please contact us at order@cantileverinteriors.com

Wanda Return Policy

Cantilever will provide a 2 year Limited Warranty with the purchase of any Wanda furniture piece.

The Warranty applies to defects in the material and workmanship on the Cantilever product, starting from the date of dispatch, for which a receipt will be provided. It is a condition of the Limited Warranty that the Wanda furniture has been installed in accordance with Cantilever Interiors's installation instructions, cared for and used in accordance with Cantilever Interior's Wanda Furniture Care Guide.

The guarantee only applies if the following documents are produced and advice therein has been followed for the life of the product:
  - Wanda Furniture Installation Guide
  - Wanda Furniture Care Guide
  - Wanda Furniture Proof of Purchase

These documents will be supplied with the purchase of any Wanda furniture piece.
For any additional information regarding Cantilever Interiors Limited Warranty or Return policy please contact us at: order@cantileverinteriors.com


Wanda Privacy Policy

Cantilever Interiors will maintain and store all documents and receipts for your purchase, until the warranty expiration.

Please be advised that all information from your purchase is kept confidential, no personal information will be made public and will only be used as a means of contacting you during the time of your purchase.

For any concerns about your personal information or our privacy policy please contact us at: order@cantileverinteriors.com