Cantilever Interiors was founded in 2006 by furniture and cabinet-makers Travis Dean, Peter Tragardh-Daly and Charlie Wilde. After working side by side in the early 2000s at 3 Phase Design Studio in Brunswick, a fellow studio resident asked them to build a kitchen. This experience sparked a passion for kitchen design and Cantilever Interiors was born. The company is now directed by Travis and Charlie.

In 2010, the kitchen series was launched as a way to offer a Cantilever Interiors kitchen solution to a broader range of clients. The range is informed by ten years' experience producing custom-made kitchens and joinery for some of Australia's most respected architects and developers.

Cantilever Steel Handles, Locally made |
Design and detail are paramount in achieving both beauty and functionality in a kitchen. Many of our construction methods and material choices are unique, as we opt for solutions to ensure a final product that offers enduring results.
Charlie Wilde, Director Cantilever
In today's Australian home the kitchen is no longer just for food preparation. Commonly situated in open-plan areas, it is a place where families gather and entertain. To ensure the space meets these multi-purpose requirements, we spend time with our clients to get to know their individual tastes, needs and unique specifications so we can ensure our kitchen designs are fit for purpose.
Travis Dean, Director Cantilever