Voda Tap — The Versatile Companion

At Cantilever, we like to do things a little bit differently: We like to offer our clients something unique, something you can’t get anywhere else. 

That’s why we designed a group of unique fittings and fixtures that complement our Kitchen System range to complete the finishing touches of your project.



One of Cantilever’s first products was Sink & Board, a unique product available exclusively to Cantilever Kitchen clients. Designed by us and made for you by our local skilled steel fabricator, it is stamped with our mark of authenticity.   Originally released in 2012, Sink & Board has become a staple to Cantilever projects.  With a drop-in design that protects the benchtop from wear and tear, Sink & Board it is available in double and single bowl designs, suitable for K1, K2 and K3.

The missing component to complete our kitchen range was the perfect tap. We turned to a local manufacturer, Sussex Taps for their range of finely crafted Melbourne made tapware. 


Sink & Board
Sink is made from 1.2mm thick commercial 304 grade stainless steel. Resistant to oxidisation and corrosion, this material has excellent durability. Integrated Board is made from carbonised bamboo and is naturally anti-microbial and water resistant making it excellent for food preparation and easy cleaning. Available in single or double.


Voda Tap
The slight curvature, proportion and finish compliment with perfection our Sink & Board. Voda Square is tactile and robust, emanating the quality of material and maker.

Celebrating a pure aesthetic through eye-pleasing lines and harmonious geometrics, Voda Curved Tap playfully balances form and function, with a feel of resolute presence.

Johnston Street KITCHEN Photo (13).jpg

We first featured the Sussex Voda Tap with our Sink & Board at The Design Files Open House, because showcasing beautiful products designed and made in Australia is something we are passionate about.

The simplicity of form, robust character and proportional balance of Sussex Voda Tap Collection sits in subtle harmony with Sink & Board.  It looks good, feels good and is made just down the road! Offered in a selection of curated finishes and materials of enduring quality, it brings a whole new level of customisation to your Cantilever Kitchen Palette. 

An exciting element of the Sussex capability is their capacity to offer a durable two-part paint finish, beautifully applied to accentuate the form and function of each tap.  We chose Dulux’ Walter to compliment the Anchor Ceramics 180 Series tile used in the Splashback of the K1 Compact Kitchen in our Showroom. 

Customise your Voda Tap  | Mix and match colours in matt or gloss finish or mix with metal finishes. The possibilities are truly endless.

Customise your Voda Tap | Mix and match colours in matt or gloss finish or mix with metal finishes. The possibilities are truly endless.

Voda Tap Curved at Design Files Open House. Laundry by Cantilever

Voda Tap Curved at Design Files Open House. Laundry by Cantilever


The Sussex collection has a great depth of designs to suit every domestic application with the opportunity to create a distinct palette throughout the whole home

For consistent interior and exterior palette quality throughout your project, the versatility of brass or stainless-steel componentry is fantastic.

The flexibility of the finishes offered by Sussex is important.  Each product line is available in solid brass, with a variety of options made with solid stainless steel. For residential indoor use, solid brass componentry caters for most needs, offering maximum durability at a volume price point. 

Stainless steel componentry is perfect for outdoor kitchenettes and barbecue settings for it's weather resistant properties.

Each Brass tap is then electroplated and finished to specification from a suite of 31 finishes.  Cantilever love the Brushed Nickel finish as a subtle compliment to our stainless-steel sink.