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— Which kitchens do you have on display?

The Cantilever range consists of K1, K2, K3 and Tableau. Our four display kitchens offer you an opportunity to explore their unique details, curated materials and highly crafted elements; the things that make a Cantilever kitchen.

— What happens in a showroom tour?

Our experienced design staff will show you through, discuss your project scope and talk you through our comprehensive design, manufacture to installation service.

From there we can map out the right services for project and recommend any specialist you require should the need be.

— Can I bring in my own design?

Of Course, bring in anything you wish to share about your upcoming project.

— What experience does your designer team have?

Our team consists of interior and furniture designers and qualified technical drafters who specialise in joinery design and manufacture. We work closely with our construction team and external fabricators on your project.

Top 5 FAQs

— How are your Benchtops made?

Cantilever Benchtops are designed and manufactured soley by us and the process for this is a trade secret!

— Are your kitchens flat pack?

No. They are all design and built to the requirements of your space and lifestyle.

— Can I replace doors / benchtop only?

This is an answer


— Where is that hexigon tile from?

Our friends at Urban Edge Ceramics can help you.