Tableau — Our New Kitchen System

At Cantilever we are all about evolving our offer and value the role collaboration plays in producing quality joinery.

Our Kitchen Systems are the product of many hours spent testing, refining and rethinking the way a kitchen can enhance the evolving needs of the contemporary family home.

Testament to our brand approach to design and manufacture development is Tableau — a new, innovative furniture-based Kitchen System.

Photos – Haydn Cattach, Illustration - Russell Bryant

Tableau Illustration by Russell Byrant


Tableau: a new, innovative furniture-based kitchen system which combines our expertise in considered design and manufacture with DesignOffice’s award-winning brand of spatial sensitivity. Find out more about DesignOffice in our upcoming feature.

Tableau addresses the challenges of modern living with a range of smart solutions designed to improve the experience of your home. Through our expertise in joinery design and the unique development of the Cantilever Kitchen System; Tableau is built upon a strength of in-depth, proven and applied knowledge.

Charlie Wilde and Travis Dean Cantilever
Tableau Cropped_22.JPG
Tableau Cropped_20.JPG

“Nowadays, people are looking for more choice,” says Travis Dean of Cantilever Interiors. “There are smaller spaces now that people need to extract the maximum function out of, and at the same time, open plan living creates large spaces that don’t get used enough.”

Available in three distinct colourways, the Tableau concept comprises a coordinated kit of parts which can stand alone, be used to define space in an open plan setting or be made to fit against a wall. Main block and bench components can sit independently of walls and ceilings, and be used to define spaces, or create flow between living areas.

Illustration - Russell Bryant

Illustration - Russell Bryant

“We obviously wanted to make sure the kitchen looks great, but when you use it, you experience a whole other level of it,” says Damien Mulvihill, one of the creative directors of DesignOffice. “We try to achieve a secondary level of engagement in our work that’s not just aesthetic.”

The signature elements that define Tableau include lozenge-shaped handles, unexpected curved edges and signature open shelving. These inviting and tactile elements sit seamlessly and effortlessly in place, yet, were among the most complex details to realise.

The collection comes together to create a finely-resolved sculptural piece for the home, proudly manufactured in our East Brunswick workshop.