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Introducing Tableau — a tailored Kitchen System for a modern Australia designed in collaboration with DesignOffice


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The latest addition to our family, we introduce Tableau, our new Kitchen System.

Born of a two-year collaboration with DesignOffice, with each element rigorously proto-typed, tested, and resolved -  this beauty is a labour of love. 

Our shared obsession with quality and detail, measured against DesignOffice' signature palette, has found unique resolution in this distinctly versatile iteration of a Cantilever Kitchen.

We chose to work with DesignOffice due to our appreciation of their strength in colour, palette and material resolution.  We discovered DesignOffice in 2014 when working collaboratively on multi-residential project Park and Raphael, for Kalex. 

The concept design for the project was utterly unique, exhibiting great skill relating function and form to spatial dynamics, utility and the end-user experience.  It was heartening.  We knew this was a design that deserved further investigation, becoming the platform for the development of what has become Tableau, our new Kitchen System.   

Tableau Kitchen System by Cantilever Design Office Illustration by Russell Bryant
Tableau Kitchen System by Cantilever Design Day
Tableau Kitchen System by Cantilever Design Day


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